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Out Yonder Productions

Out Yonder Productions was started in 1998 by Monty Bassett initially for making wildlife documentaries.  The objective of the company was to make high quality television documentaries that go beyond the norm and offer not only thoughtful storylines and dramatic cinematography, but as well cutting- edge science.  That is, films that both inform and entertain, but add to our knowledge of the complexities of our planet.

Out Yonder’s first film, “Life On the Vertical” won a number of Canadian and International Film Awards establishing the company as one of Canada’s top documentary filmmakers.  Since then, the company has made documentaries in a diverse range of genre, for broadcasters such as Discovery, National Geographic, and of late a four filmNatural History series for Oasis Channel.

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Life on the Vertical dvd

Life on the Vertical

“Life On the Vertical”  is the incredible story of a unique population of mountain goats that live on the vertical walls of Canada’s Grand Canyon on the...

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