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Cliff Hangers

“Cliff Hangers” is the “Cirque du Soleil de Savage”, the story of an incredible band of acrobatic mountain goats who live beneath the earth’s surface on the vertical walls of Canada’s Grand Canyon in northwestern British Columbia. These canyon goats survive on perpendicular cliffs hundreds of meters high, dropping vertically into a violent river that turns logs to splinters, granite to gravel.  More people have walked on the moon than traverse the goats and their subterranean kingdom!

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Saturn Eyes

From tracking hurricanes across the Atlantic to reveling spray lines from Agent Orange thirty years later … from real-time texting around the world to finding lost skiers in the Canadian wilderness, satellites are an integral part of our lives.  Saturn’s Eyes looks the at how satellites are used to monitor the very health and future of our planet.

47 minutes; $20

Saturn Eyes dvd
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