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Documentaries & Promotion Portfolios


Most ideas for documentary projects are initiated in-house and then pitched to broadcasters.  However, we are being approached more and more by broadcasters and client with stories ideas.  Often these are in the form of shorter length mini-docs for local and community customers

Promotion Portfolios:

At one time only large corporations commissioned promotional films, but now with the expansion of personal websites and Facebook, requests for professional video material is expanding exponentially.  As a consequence, Out Yonder is expanding to fill the need.

  1. Employment and personal video portfolios: This service is essential for people in the performing arts such as musicians, dancers, models, actors.  Are portfolios can be delivered in DVD format or compressions suitable for website,  Vimeo and Youtube postings.
  2. Community Events:  Increasingly communities and civic organizations are realizing the benefits of film for promoting themselves and their activities such as “Spirit of the North” and “Hockeyville”.
  3. News Events:  Given our location in northern British Columbia, assignments from the Provincial and national news broadcasters are increasingly frequent.  However, documentation “for the record” of important public meetings and events are yet another service offered.


Life on the Vertical

“Life On the Vertical”  is the incredible story of a unique population of mountain goats that live on the vertical walls of Canada’s Grand Canyon on the Stikine River in northwestern British Columbia.


Life on the Vertical dvd
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