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Spiritville video


“Smithers Is Spiritville”   Following the designation of being in the top five, CBC ask Smithers to make a second video (this time one minute) about the community without reference to hockey.  “Spiritville” was the community’s entry.

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Chernobyl 1 video

Chernobyl 1

April 26th, 1986 began was a beautiful morning in Kiev, capital of the Ukraine.  No one suspected that the during the previous night an explosion at nuclear reactor #4 at Chernobyl had just shattered the dream of a nuclear future.

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Chernobyl 2 video

Chernobyl 2

Sweden began detecting radiation in the atmosphere soon after the Chernobyl reactor exploded.  For the next seven days the world held its breath as the meltdown continued unchecked, then suddenly it stopped. 


Six hundred thousand people were exposed to high radiation as they fought to box in the reactor in a containment sarcophagus.  But now a decade later the sarcophagus is falling apart and once again the nightmare of Chernobyl haunts the planet.


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Chernobyl 3 video

Chernobyl 3

When the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl exploded, the only thing that saved Kiev, Ukraine was the direction of the wind.  Still though Kiev was not down wind on that fateful day, it will always be downstream. 


Satellites now reveal that should a one hundred year flood flush across the Pripet River marsh surrounding the crippled reactor, it could carry it’s poison as far as the Black Sea, exposing thirty million people to the horrors of radiation.

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Hockeyville video


In the year 2006, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation began a contest to see which community best personified the spirit of hockey.  The community of Smithers in northwestern British Columbia decided to enter the competition and Out Yonder Films volunteered  to produce a requisite two-minute video.

While Smithers made the final top five entries for the title of Hockeyville, it did not win 1st prize.  But the film “Smithers Is Hockeyville” was selected as the "Best in Canada".

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Unlikely Warriors video

Unlikely Warriors

Unlikely Warriors is the story of how a small band of Native elders in a remote mountainous region of northern Canada stood up to the largest energy corporation in the world, Royal Dutch Shell International! 


And, following five years of sit-ins and blockades, they were able stop the giant company from destroying the Sacred Headwaters basin, origin of three of Canada’s most important salmon bearing rivers.

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Saturn Eyes

From tracking hurricanes across the Atlantic to reveling spray lines from Agent Orange thirty years later … from real-time texting around the world to finding lost skiers in the Canadian wilderness, satellites are an integral part of our lives.  Saturn’s Eyes looks the at how satellites are used to monitor the very health and future of our planet.

47 minutes; $20

Saturn Eyes dvd
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